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What to look for this week!


In stores Sept. 15th
Fierce #3

FIERCE #3(of 4)

Writer: Jeremy Love
Penciller: Robert Love
Inker: Jeff Wasson
Genre: Action/Adventure, Science-Fiction

When the FBI recruited Jonathan Fierce, he was a gifted psychic. After a powerful crime syndicate frames him for the murders of his team of operatives, he becomes much more than he ever imagined...

This summer, you won't have to stand in line at your local multiplex for the excitement and intensity of an big-budget action thriller. All you've got to do is take a trip down to your comics shop. Fierce packs all the elements of a big-budget summer blockbuster into thirty-two pages! Don't miss the most intense issue of Fierce yet, when Fierce takes on the syndicate, the FBI, and the demons of his past!

Pub. Date: September 15, 2004
Format: Full color, 32 pages, #3 of 4
Price: $2.99

While you're scanning for back issues, look for:
Deep Sleeper Omnibus. Written by Phil Hester, art by Mike Huddleston

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