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GLC Survivor Games
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Kilowog of Bolak Vix has won the first GLC Survivor Game!!
The Top 25 Green Lanterns, as voted by GLMB posters:
1. Kilowog
2. Guy Gardner
3. Hal Jordan
4. John Stewart
5. Kyle Rayner
6. Arisia
7. Alan Scott
8. G'Nort
9. Jenny Lynn-Hayden (Jade)
10. Tomar Re
11. Ch'p
12. Katma Tui-Stewart
13. Sinestro
14. Abin Sur
15. Salakk
16. Raker
17. Tomar Tu
18. Jack T. Chance
19. Mogo
20. Medphyll
21. K'Ryssma
22. Kreon
23. Chaselon
24. Boodikka
25. Laira
25 (tie). Stel
25 (tie). Driq
25 (tie). Torquemada

GLC Survivor II: The Villains, featuring seventy of the top GL villains, is currently running. Once that game is over, GLC Survivor III: The Finale will open, featuring both GLs and villains.

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