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The Checklist
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Monthlies and Mini-Series

DC Comics
DC Comics currently has 1 comic starring a minority character (Batgirl), and 7 comics featuring minority characters as members of a team. The number of books that DC has starring a minority character is unacceptably low.
-JLA, featuring Green Lantern John Stewart and Manitou Raven as members. $2.25 Monthly comic book.
-JSA, featuring Mr. Terrific (Chairman), Hawkgirl, and Jakeem Thunder as members. $2.50 Monthly comic book.
-Batgirl, starring Batgirl, Cassandra Cain. $2.50 Monthly comic book.
-Justice League Adventures, featuring Green Lantern John Stewart. $2.25 Monthly comic book.
-Gotham Central, featuring Detectives Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen, and "Sarge." $2.50 monthly comic book.
-Teen Titans, featuring Cyborg. $2.50 Monthly comic book.
-Teen Titans GO!, featuring Cyborg. $2.50 Monthly comic book.
-Outsiders, featuring Thunder (Anissa Pierce, daugther of Black Lightning) and Grace. $2.50 Monthly comic book.
-The Legion, featuring Kid Quantum, Gear, and XS. $2.50 monthly comic book.
Marvel Checklist
-The Ultimates, featuring Nick Fury
-The Avengers, featuring The Falcon
-Ultimate X-Men, featuring Storm
-Captain America & The Falcon
-District X
Future Comics
-Metallix, featuring Owen Parish and Seth Wong
-Deathmask, featuring Deathmask.
Devil's Due
-G.I. Joe, featuring Roadblock
Image Comics
-Deep Sleeper
Special thanks to: Brian Thomer

Justice League Adventures

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