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Welcome to the S.T.E.E.L. (Stop Trying to Eliminate Ethnic Legends) website. The S.T.E.E.L. site features this home page (with news and our mission statement), a message board, the S.T.E.E.L. spotlight (weekly info about appearances by minority characters in comics), the Checklist (books currently prominently featuring minority characters), Reviews/Essays, Links, and much more!  
NEWS: The latest news relating to minority characters in comics.

[September 12th, 2004]After another delay, some news:

  • Fierce has begun shipping from Dark Horse Comics! Check it out the next time you're at your local store. It's worth it!
  • While we're discussing Gettosake projects, be sure to look for Chocolate Thunder shipping next month from Oni Press.
  • Gotham Central has recently begun a new arc featuring Cris Allen and Renee Montoya. The last time those two characters starred in a Gotham Central story, it won an Eisner. Be sure not to miss it this time! Meanwhile, Firestorm and District X  are still great reads. Not to mention Captain America & The Falcon.
  • Over at Image Comics, Deep Sleeper has just wrapped up to great critical success. Look for back issues at your local store.
  • Our old pal at S.T.E.E.L., Rich Watson, has just written a very nice article regarding Jerry Craft and Mama's Boyz. Check it out.
  • And, we've also gathered a couple new members, DC message boarders PFunk and Doc. Mid-Nite. Welcome!
[June 21st, 2004]Aaaand we're back! News:
  • District X has met with rave reviews from critics, including getting a 10/10 at Check this series out while you still can! It debuted at #35 on the sales charts.
  • Also, getting good reviews and sales is Firestorm, the debut issue of that series clocked in just ahead of District X, at #34. Captain America and the Falcon remains solid at #55.
  • The new Justice League Unlimited series featuring Green Lantern John Stewart is coming soon!
  • Also, be prepared for Deep Sleeper to return in August, now form Image Comics.
  • September will see the Chocolate Thunder original graphic novel from Oni Press/Ghettosake. Seeing as this is a small press book, be sure to PRE-ORDER a copy to make sure your store gets some copies!
  • Finally, many new solicitations are available at and The biggest news in there is that Black Panther will be getting a new series in the Marvel 2099 imprint, written by Robert Kirkman with art by Kyle Holtz! Also: The Crew artist Joe Bennett will be taking over the art chores on Captain America & The Falcon beginning with the fifth issue in July. The fourth issue of that series, the final issue of the acclaimed "Two Americas" arc, will be in stores on Wednesday.
  • More updates on the way!!!!!
[April 9th, 2004]Some updates for you, all of it good.
  • District X, a new Marvel title featuring the X-Men's Bishop is slated to debut on May 12. The series will be written by David Hine, with art by David Yardin, and will begin with the six part story arc, "Mr. M."
  • Newsarama and Priest's Website are both reporting that Captain America & The Falcon is safe for at least twelve issues. Check it out at Priest's site, and be sure to look at all the other cool stuff there, too. Link in the "Links" page.
  • Marvel has released May and June solicitations for Captain America & The Falcon and District X while DC has done the same for Firestorm. For more info, check out DC and Marvel Solicitations.
  • Look for a review of Julius coming soon. And, when all four issues of the first Captain America & The Falcon arc, "Two Americas," are released, look for a review of that story. In the meantime, check out mini-reviews of the first two issues of that series.
[Febraury 12th, 2004]S.T.E.E.L. at SmallPressComics.Com! We here at S.T.E.E.L. are proud to have been a part of an interview with Rich Watson in an edition of his wonderful Cheap Seats article. (Note: this article is also printed at other sites)
[February 1st, 2004] Marvel has released the solicitation for the second issue of Captain America & The Falcon.
"'Two Americas,' part 2 of 4. Hunted by the U.S. military as well as a vicious drug cartel, the Falcon is on the run in Cuba when hešs captured by a mysterious, super-powered assailant. Now Captain America and guest-star the Scarlet Witch battle time and the massive hurricane ravaging the Cuban island to save him."
Captain America & The Falcon #2 will be in stores on April 7th and cost $2.99
[December 27th, 2003] Cross, a book without a publisher, is an action/adventure/romance comic by writer Brandon Thomas and artist Clement (Human Defense Corps) Sauve Jr.
"More than telling strong stories with strong characters, Cross is about altering common perceptions of African-American lead characters (they don't sell), and destroying an urban legend (that something called a 'black book' exists). Now, I only need to find a publisher that agrees with me."
For more info, and a preview, click here. (Scroll down a little bit)
[December 22nd, 2003] Marvel has released the official solicitation for Captain America & The Falcon #1:
"He has been his mentor, his leader and his friend. Now, Captain America takes on a new role in the Falcon's life, Pursuer. Sam Wilson has gone rogue and S.H.I.E.L.D. has given Cap just 24 hours to bring him in. Breakneck action and Marvel-style intrigue combine as -- for the first time -- best friends use their knowledge of each other's skills and tactics on opposite battle lines of 'Two Americas!' This series changes this classic Marvel partnership forever!"
Also, Check below for a new, color image for the upcoming series!
[December 20th, 2003]  Marvel has announced the start of Captain America and the Falcon in March. Acclaimed writer Priest will provide the scripts and superstar artist Bart Sears will handle the pencil chores (see image below). Priest has this to say about The Falcon in his series,
"Over time, Sam (Falcon) Wilson has evolved into his own man, much more Cap's equal than his sidekick. He has learned a great deal from his mentor-- perhaps too much as Falcon embraces the same ideas and principles as Cap, but expresses them in different ways. In ways Cap does not always agree with."
The acclaimed writer of The Crew continues to say that the opening arc, "Two Americas," could be better titled as Captain America VERSUS The Falcon, as the two will come to idealogical conflicts.
For more, visit Priest's website or Newsarama
We here at S.T.E.E.L. hope you give this book a chance, it has a great creative team and a great concept!
[December 20th, 2003] The S.T.E.E.L. site has received a massive update, and several pages have been altered and added. Enjoy the site! And check back for more updates, including an updated checklist, and a Classic Comics page!
MISSION STATEMENT: S.T.E.E.L. is an internet based group for those who are interested in minorities being better represented in comics (DC, Marvel, CrossGen, etc.), and discuss their views without offending anyone. S.T.E.E.L. is mainly based at the DC Comics Message Boards. If you want to join use the S.T.E.E.L. sig and add your own quote to it. The founder of S.T.E.E.L. is "The Maniac Psycho" (also known as "Capt. Thunder"). 

Want to join S.T.E.E.L. ? Go to the Message Board and Ask!

Captain America and the Falcon. COMING SOON! Art by Bart Sears.

Landmark issues:

Black Lightning #1, April 1977. The first DC Comic starring a Black character

Green Lantern #156, November 2002, in which John Stewart returns to active duty.

S.T.E.E.L. was founded by The Maniac Psycho